John and Jane (Short)

-Director: Robin Arenson

-Starring: Kailena Mai, Alexis Carra

-Key Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Choke Hold (Feature)

-Director: Matthew Berkowitz

-Starring: Thomas Q. Jones, Denise Richards, Bruce Davison

-Assistant Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Mr. Franklin (Short)                                                    

-Director: Adam Finley

-Starring: Carl Weintraub, Kevin Herrmann, JuneSoo Ham

-Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist

First House On The Hill (Blumhouse Productions Feature)                                                    

-Director: Matteo Sardini

-Starring: Kristian Messere, Christine Scherer, Umberto Celisano, Chloe Farnworth, Helene Udy, Paola Saulino, Ottavio Taddei

-Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist

Ego (Short)                                                    

-Director: David- Simon Dayan and Kaya Dayan

-Starring: Hanna Baldursdottir, Paul Weisman, Justine Quijano, Sammy the Dwarf, Vanessa Jova, Erica Holland, Indie Namath, Eric Barry

-Makeup and Hair Department

Dr. Brinks and Dr. Brinks (Feature)                                                    

-Director: Josh Crockett

-Starring: Kristin Slaysman , Scott Rodgers, Ashley Spillers, Robert Longstreet

-Makeup and Hair Department Head

20 Weeks (Feature)  

-Director: Leena Pendarkhar

-Starring: Anna Margaret Hollyman, Amir Arison

-Assistant Makeup and Hair

Food Show (Sizzle Reel)

-Makeup and Hair Department Head

WTF: World Thumbwrestling Federation (Feature Film)

-Director: Enrico Natale

-Starring: Samm Levine, Eddie Jemison, Debra Wilson

-Assistant Makeup

The Moment I Was Alone (Short Film) 

-Director: Kellen Gibbs

-Starring: Tessa Espinola, Jordan Knapp, Julia Parker

-Makeup and Hair Department Head

Save the Last Dance For Me (Short Film)   

-Director: Federico Bartolucci

-Starring: Heidi Schultz, Bill Lewis, Whitney Hall, Pedro Rovisco, Zach Mendez, Beth Kovacs Shields

-Makeup and Hair Department Head

Waltz (Short Film)            

-Director: Álvaro Ortega

-Starring: Janet Roth, Rickey Minder, Alexis Brandt

-Makeup and Hair Department Head

Malibu Living (Short Film)

-Director: Kalyn Harper

-Starring: Kalyn Harper

-Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist

Pastis (Short Film)

-Director: Orso Miyakawa, Peter Miyakawa

-Starring: Roy Abramsohn, Ford Austin, Susan Ziegler

-Makeup and Hair Department Head

Paradox (Feature Film)    

-Director: Michael Hurst

-Starring: Zoë Bell, Malik Yoba, Adam Huss

-Assistant Makeup Artist

Lyon & Associates Documentary: Masimo Foundation Patient Impact (Film)

-Makeup Artist


Cleansed (Web Series)

-Director: Sarah Scarlett Downing & Flora Birnbaum

-Starring: Anna Margaret Hollyman

-Makeup and Hair Department Head

Winky Dink: Cartoon Hookups (Web Series)                                    

-Director: Damian C. King

-Starring: Malorie Mackey, Lauren Taler

-Assistant Makeup Artist

Hot Flash: The Chronicles of Lara Tate Menopausal Superhero     

-Director: Ben Giroux

-Starring: Amy Buchwald, Danny Woodburn, Jay Disney

-Key Makeup and Hair


Fashion Shoots with Photographer Brandy Lopez     

-Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist

Jada Paul Prom Fashion Show    

-Makeup Artist

Geek Fashion Show at C4- Central Coast Comic Con  

-Makeup Artist

Photo shoot with Deanna Orlando and Jdanda Imagery        

-Makeup Artist

Super Hero/ Villains Shoot: Design Team- Paul Mitchell     

-Makeup Artist, Wardrobe Stylist, Creative Director

Golf Tournament Fashion Show: Design Team- Paul Mitchell         

-Makeup Artist


Alice in Wonderland                     

-Makeup Artist (Assisting Tania McComas)


-Makeup Artist (Assisting Jojo Myers Proud)


-Makeup Artist (Assisting Tania McComas)


Failure “Hot Traveler”


Maui Mari Ocean Jewelry

12th Tribe

NUX Active

ICU Medical


Catch Restaurant Opening- Body Painting


Make-up Designory: August 2014- February 2015

Paul Mitchel The School Esani:  January 2012- October 2012

Fashion Institute of Technology: August 2010- May 2011

Gwinnett Technical College:  August 2009- May 2010